Set aside some funds in Bitcoin that you grow

Bitcoin (BTC) is volatile and a lot of people speculate on this buying BTC when the price is low and selling when it goes up again, just like shares.  But we all know there are certain shares (Blue Chip Shares) that an investor purchases for the long term, knowing or expecting a sizable increase over time.  These shares are kept and yield dividends in the interim. 

Growing your Bitcoin and investing it in Mirror Trading International (MTI) is similar to holding Blue Chip Shares.  Most expect the price of BTC to go up substantially in future and some even talk of a price of up to $100 000 per Bitcoin!  The Bitcoin Blockchain will fork again soon and we know from the previous forks that the price of BTC increased.  

In an article well worth reading: The case for a small allocation to Bitcoin
to-bitcoinBy Wences Casares (, CEO of Xapo Posted April 11, 2019, Mr Casares states the following:

"There are about 1,000 cryptocurrencies that have at least one transaction a day. So why Bitcoin and not any one of those other ones? Over 60 million people own Bitcoin and over 1 million people become new owners every month. The other 1,000 cryptocurrencies have less than 5 million owners combined, so Bitcoin will add more users in the next 5 months than those 1,000 cryptocurrencies added in their combined history. Bitcoin is moving over $1 billion a day which is also more than all the other cryptocurrencies combined."

"We are using only one web protocol and only one email protocol. The email protocol, for example, is quite lousy. At the protocol level, there is no way for me to know if you received my email, much less if you read it, there is no way for you to verify my identity when you receive my email, there is no way to handle spam and many, many other things that could be fixed at the protocol level. I am sure some people have already developed much better email protocols, but we never heard about them and most likely we never will: once a protocol gets established it becomes the only protocol for that use case and it is not possible to displace it with a better protocol. Right now it looks like the standard protocol for a sovereign platform will be the Bitcoin Blockchain."

Bitcoin certainly does not have the best Blockchain, but it has been accepted as the CryptoCurrency protocol. The Ethernet (ETH) Blockchain will most likely be the protocol used for the Internet of Things (IoT) and for project management etc.

Another good article to read is: Bitcoin The Next Bitcoin Bull Rally Will Be Totally Different From 2017 One by Sylvain Saurel in the AltCoin Magazine:

The next Bitcoin bull rally will therefore take place
in a more mature market where all the conditions
will be met for the rise to be truly sustainable this
time without the creation of a speculative bubble.

To not have a small amount of Bitcoin that you grow, would be irresponsible.  I, therefore, recommend that you invest about $200 in MTI (Mirror Trading International) that you will be traded automatically on your behalf and will grow your BTC by at least 10 - 12% monthly.  You can escalate the growth and also earn additional income by referring others, but this is optional.


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