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The Time Is NOW to Gather and Grow your Bitcoin

The time is NOW to Gather and Grow your BitcoinThere are a lot of investors who are speculating with Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies because they are in nature volatile depending on market supply and demand. They see investing in Bitcoin as a short-term investment and they make a good income from buying when the Bitcoin Price is Low and selling when it is high.  It is reasonably easy to do, as all you need to get started is some starting capital and a free Luno account.  Luno has a live link to a Bitcoin (BTC) and even Etherium (ETH) exchange where you can place your buy order at a low price when the currency is at a low price point and then selling when it is at a higher price point.  This can be done several times daily or weekly.

However, I am talking about holding Bitcoin (HODL) for a long-term such as 3 to 5 years and then cashing out on the growth when it is at an unprecedented high.  I purchased 1 Bitcoin in April 2014 for $419 of about R6 300. I can recall that there was a l…

Pay Yourself First

Everything to pay to others makes you their slave!
The best book that I would strongly recommend is "The Richest Man in Babylon" by George S. Clason:
Here is a 7-minute summary:

In essence, the following are the key points: Pay Yourself FirstTake Action Wealth is not a Matter of Income Act when the time is right  The POWER of Passive IncomePay Yourself First 
First, take 10% from any income you obtain and place it in a separate bank account.  I recommend Capitec Bank Limited, as your bank costs are low and you can open 4 additional accounts that are linked to your main account.  Name it something like "Invest".  Then also take a further 10% and place it in another account that you call something like "Educate".  I also have two other sub-accounts, one called "Holiday" and the other "Emergency" or "Unplanned".  I save about R2000 a month into each and try to only access it for their intended purpose.  
Once you have build up a "…

What we should be taught at School

What did you learn at school? Mostly we learn at school how to a good employee or worker, to follow the system and not to make mistakes (to be safe by getting a job and the so-called job security and pension). 
The system wants us to go to school, college or university to get skills for a job so that we give our hours to receive a monthly paycheck.  
We are taught to buy into the 40-40-40 Plan: The 40-40-40 plan. It simply means," work on a JOB, 40 hours a week for 40 years and retire on 40% of your BASIC salary".  Sounds familiar?
What should we be taught? The problem is that our jobs definitely are not secure and there is an unemployment rate of more than 50% in South Africa.  Furthermore, our state pensions are earmarked to be used to finance our dysfunctional and bankrupt SOE's (State Owned Enterprises) and probably the new National Health Insurance (NHI) planned for South Africa.
We need to be taught about becoming business owners or investors - the right side of Robert K…

Set aside some funds in Bitcoin that you grow

Bitcoin (BTC) is volatile and a lot of people speculate on this buying BTC when the price is low and selling when it goes up again, just like shares.  But we all know there are certain shares (Blue Chip Shares) that an investor purchases for the long term, knowing or expecting a sizable increase over time.  These shares are kept and yield dividends in the interim. 

Growing your Bitcoin and investing it in Mirror Trading International (MTI) is similar to holding Blue Chip Shares.  Most expect the price of BTC to go up substantially in future and some even talk of a price of up to $100 000 per Bitcoin!  The Bitcoin Blockchain will fork again soon and we know from the previous forks that the price of BTC increased.  
In an article well worth reading: The case for a small allocation to Bitcoin
to-bitcoin) By Wences Casares (, CEO of Xapo Posted April 11, 2019, Mr Casares…

Consistent Monthly Returns

Mirror Trading International (MTI) has been showing consistent monthly returns in excess of 10% that is compounded to give you excellent growth on your Bitcoin.  

You can also introduce others to get a phenomenal return. Your minimum investment to get started is $100 (about R1 500), but to earn from the Binary on referrals, you need to have $200 (about R3 00) invested and you personally have to introduce one in your left team who invests $200 and one in your right team who does the same. Continue helping others in your team to do the same and you will also share in the Leadership Bonus Pools.
Growing your Bitcoin by 10% per month (passively and without introducing anyone), that is monthly compounded means that your Bitcoin should double every 6 - 8 months.  This will increase your Bitcoin to over 6 Bitcoin in 5 years if you start at 0.02 BTC (about $200 or R3 000).
Although past results are no guarantee of the future, this will surely give you an indication that good growth can be achiev…