Getting Started

Getting Started:

2 Easy Steps to get started:

1. Get Bitcoin (BTC).  We chose 3 excellent opportunities being Paraiba World that you can start with only $25 ($100 recommended) and Elevate Pass being an advertising platform where you also earn a passive income and Daisy AI where you can start with $100.  You need Bitcoin (BTC) to get started with any of these.


Binance has recently added 15 currencies including the ZAR making it much easier and affordable to purchase Bitcoin with your Debit or Credit card:

Click on the image above or scan the QR Code below to register for FREE and to get started:

More options to purchase Bitcoin:

2. Then chose your starting opportunity:

Paraiba World

See more by clicking on the image below:

You can also see more on our Blog including the exciting and lucrative $25 Income Plan:

Join FREE and you can fund your account within 30 days:

Secure my position


Elevate Pass

See more by clicking on the image below:

Secure my position

Daisy AI

See more by clicking on the image below:


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