The Time Is NOW to Gather and Grow your Bitcoin

The time is NOW to Gather and Grow your Bitcoin

There are a lot of investors who are speculating with Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies because they are in nature volatile depending on market supply and demand. They see investing in Bitcoin as a short-term investment and they make a good income from buying when the Bitcoin Price is Low and selling when it is high.  It is reasonably easy to do, as all you need to get started is some starting capital and a free Luno account.  Luno has a live link to a Bitcoin (BTC) and even Etherium (ETH) exchange where you can place your buy order at a low price when the currency is at a low price point and then selling when it is at a higher price point.  This can be done several times daily or weekly.

However, I am talking about holding Bitcoin (HODL) for a long-term such as 3 to 5 years and then cashing out on the growth when it is at an unprecedented high.  I purchased 1 Bitcoin in April 2014 for $419 of about R6 300. I can recall that there was a lot of speculation that Bitcoin would further decrease in price and it went down to about $330 that same month.  I bought it to mine with Genesis Mining at that time and lost the full amount owing to the mining contract ending prior to me getting a return on the amount invested, the so-called "closed contracts" at the time and not a good investment at all!   Just imagine I just kept the 1 Bitcoin until recently when it was worth more than $10 000 each!  Yes, a profit of $9 581 or R143 764 in 6 years.  A growth of 2 351%.

Better than that, what if I could grow my bitcoin of 1 BTC with say 10.5% monthly.  I would have had almost 400 Bitcoin after only 5 years and would have made R3 832 400 net profit, enough to retire comfortably.  

This is exactly my plan, as I have started with 0.01 BTC, 6 months ago that has grown to 0.06 BTC.  My BTC should be about 24 BTC by then and with the BTC price predicted at around $55 000 in the not too distant feature, the 5-year prediction will only be higher.  I am sure that I can comfortably retire in 5 years.

See the very interesting video about the BTC price prediction just 6 months from now when the mining reward halves:

Get started in growing your BTC on average with 10.5% monthly (no guarantee that past performance will equal future predictions):


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