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Why this Blog Page?

I am self-employed and 54 years old, currently residing in South Africa. Our currency and our Country's financial prospects are bleak indeed.  We find ourselves in a situation where our State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) such as ESKOM (national power utility), PRASA (Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa), DENEL (national defence and security technologies), SAA (national airways), SABC (national broadcaster) and most others are so mismanaged and subjected to blatant corruption so that they can no longer be sustainable and now even their pension funds are in danger and private pension funds and annuities are forced to invest a portion of their funds in these SOE's.  In short, there is no job security, a recession and a more than 50% unemployment rate and also pension funds are not really a safe option and taxed to the hilt.  To substantiate my opinion that even our official pension funds are not safe, see this recent article by well-known Economist, Mr Mike Schussler in the My