Consistent Monthly Returns

Mirror Trading International (MTI) has been showing consistent monthly returns in excess of 10% that is compounded to give you excellent growth on your Bitcoin.  

You can also introduce others to get a phenomenal return. Your minimum investment to get started is $100 (about R1 500), but to earn from the Binary on referrals, you need to have $200 (about R3 00) invested and you personally have to introduce one in your left team who invests $200 and one in your right team who does the same. Continue helping others in your team to do the same and you will also share in the Leadership Bonus Pools.

Growing your Bitcoin by 10% per month (passively and without introducing anyone), that is monthly compounded means that your Bitcoin should double every 6 - 8 months.  This will increase your Bitcoin to over 6 Bitcoin in 5 years if you start at 0.02 BTC (about $200 or R3 000).

Although past results are no guarantee of the future, this will surely give you an indication that good growth can be achieved passively and without introducing anyone:

To register with MTI and invest a minimum of $100 (about  R2 000):


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