My Trading Results

My Trading Results

I funded my account with $100 or about 0.01 Bitcoin on 30 July 2019:

As of today, 6 February 2020 (6 months later)  my account balance is $548 or 0.05 Bitcoin.  I, therefore, increased my initial Bitcoin holding 5-fold in 6 months without referring anybody.

See my Trading Bonus Report where I earned on average 10% interest monthly, compounded daily.

In a further 6 months, my Bitcoin balance should be at least 1 BTC and after 5 years more than 6 BTC at 10% monthly interest or 17.95 BTC at 12%.  See my Excel Calculations.  Imagine what it would be worth at the expected Bitcoin growth!

To register with MTI and invest a minimum of $100 (about  R2 000):


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